Over the past five years the staff of Musselburgh School have been actively and explicitly teaching the Cornerstone Values Programme. 


These eight Cornerstone Values are:

  • Respect and Consideration
  • Responsibility and Consideration
  • Honesty and Obedience
  • Kindness and Compassion

The teachers integrate the Values Programme into their classroom programmes allocating a part of the week where explicit teaching is done: what the specific value looks like, sounds like and feels like at Musselburgh School. Examples are discussed and displays are made and referred to throughout the day to reinforce positive behaviours.

As well as this we have a:

  • school wide understanding (ie staff, children and community) of what we want to achieve as a school through our Mission Statement: “Learning to Live – Living to Learn” and our Vision: “Together Everyone Achieves More”
  • staff that ‘walk the talk’ and are seen as a cohesive staff that supports the Values programme by being excellent role models.
  • behaviour management programme that is based on identifying what values the children have forgotten to use and how they can change their actions so they follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Monday morning assembly where the focus is on the Cornerstone Values and Strengths Programme.
  • Circle Time, which focuses on our Cornerstone Values Programme. Children are given opportunities to voice worries and concerns they have and ask for solutions to their problems.
  • Hero nominated each week who is being an exemplary role model using the Cornerstone Values. They are acknowledged through assembly and class awards.
  • Newsletter that identifies the value the school is focusing on each term.

Musselburgh School prides itself in the nurturing, safe and caring environment we provide for our students. We foster each and everyone’s strengths and give our children opportunities to grow academically as well as socially and emotionally to become the very best they can be. The Cornerstone Values Programme has been the foundation on which we have built our philosophy and practice.